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Beverly Hills Autoimmune Doctor

Autoimmune disorders in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor

Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor

If you are suffering with an autoimmune disorder, you should visit us at Aristotle Economou. Our Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor, Dr. Aristotle Economou, opened our wellness practice over 25 years ago to help patients who are suffering with specific health problems including autoimmune disorders.

Many patients who suffer with autoimmune disorders find that they can be helped by our Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor. When a patient has an autoimmune disease, they have a disease which attacks the body in different ways. Some of the most common autoimmune diseases include Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and different types of thyroid disease. Each of these diseases will affect a different system of the body and cause the patient to have many specific symptoms and problems. Living with an order of immune disease can seems sometimes overwhelming because there can be so many different aspects of it which affect her everyday life. For example, with thyroid disease, normal hormonal regulation is disrupted and so the entire endocrine system is affected. This can cause many problems in your body which need to be addressed. Rheumatoid arthritis is another autoimmune disease which can have a painful and a crippling effect on patients. One of the important ways to address your immune disease is to reduce the stress levels in your life. Both meditation and yoga have been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones and result in less inflammation throughout the body. At our center, we help our patients regain their health and energy. Some of the many medical problems that we help at our center include: headaches; migraines; inflammation; back pain; autoimmune problems; neurological and immune system imbalances; spinal problems; severe fatigue; problems from heavy metal toxicity; and many other problems as well.

For an appointment to meet with our Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor and learn what can be done to help your particular health situation, simply contact us today.

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Beverly Hills Back Pain

Back pain relief in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills back pain

Beverly Hills back pain

For many people, back pain is an all too common, frequent, and unwelcome visitor into their lives. Traditional medicine does not have all the solutions, which is evident when you see just how often Beverly Hills back pain is chronic, coming back or never being alleviated at all despite all the effort given to treatment. Our holistic doctor, however, treats the patient, not the symptoms, because back pain relief can encompass more than just targeting your back. Dr. Aristotle addresses your health in its entirety, and that’s why you can feel more confident in getting the results you’re looking for.

The last thing you want to do is to cover up your Beverly Hills back pain with medication. Pain relievers have their place, and in some instances are necessary in the short term. However, drugs do nothing to heal you. The problems that are at the root of your difficulties are still there. You’re just not feeling them at the moment because of the effects of medication. Our holistic doctor will do a complete physical examination and take a full medical history. Part of the consultation will focus on finding out what factors are unique to you. Each person is different, with their own set of circumstances. This includes your job, environmental situation, stress level, and applicable injuries, among other information. Beverly Hills back pain may have its origins in other parts of the body, or at least may have a link to your body outside of the back area. Treatment is most effective when the diagnosis is as specific as possible. Both traditional and complementary medicine may be part of your individual treatment plan.

You don’t have to put up with Beverly Hills back pain as a constant companion. Even if you think you’ve already tried everything, you will be pleasantly surprised at what our holistic doctor can offer. Call us today and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

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Beverly Hills Pain Relief

Holistic doctor in Beverly Hills

The offices of Dr. Aristotle Economou specialize in pain management, holistic therapies and back pain relief. For those seeking Beverly Hills pain relief, call Dr. Economou to learn how to have more energy, feel pain free and to feel less tired due to ailments such as inflammation, pain,

migraines and more. We treat autoimmune deficiencies and provide natural health care and nutrition along with imbalances of the neurological and immune system. Dr. Economou uses a blend of Eastern & Western healing techniques to achieve results in a holistic and less invasive way than traditional techniques.

Before starting a treatment plan, we first identify the problem so that we can uncover the weakness and pinpoint where it is starting. We then design a personalized treatment program for Beverly Hills pain relief that allows us to discover your strengths as an individual and any hidden weaknesses that you may be suffering from. This treatment plan is customized to your individual needs and is established as a real and workable plan. The three dimensions, biochemistry, energetic and structural, allow us to tailor your plan based on findings developed from studying these three areas of your body. The biochemistry dimension starts with a detailed lab analysis and interpretation of blood and urine tests.

The energetic dimension is a thorough analysis that allows us to examine the body’s energy flow with Meridian Imaging techniques in order to influence the body’s healing potential. The structural dimension is controlled by the nervous system and has to do with spinal health, using chiropractic therapy as a healing art. To learn more about these and other types of Beverly Hills pain relief methods, call the offices of Dr. Economou today. Our programs are specifically designed to pinpoint the needs of your body in order to support the body’s inner healing abilities and get you on the path to wellness once again.

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High Blood Pressure

 An Overlooked Reason That Contributes To High Blood Pressure & Hypertension.

You have probably seen the medical literature discuss the harmful effects of mercury on our blood vessels. In fact in 2008, it was the presence of heavy metals in my body that contributed to my paralysis and being confined to an electric wheelchair.

Health problems from the mercury can also include hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, reduced heart rate variability, increased carotid intima-media thickness and carotid artery obstruction, cerebrovascular accident, generalized atherosclerosis, and renal dysfunction.

The general effects on the blood vessels from mercury include increased oxidative stress and inflammation, reduced oxidative defense, thrombosis, dyslipidemia, and immune and mitochondrial dysfunction.

These effects can also result in high blood pressure and may be a clinical clue to mercury-induced heavy metal toxicity.

It is important to note that mercury reduces the protective effect of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids, which have value in the management of reducing high blood pressure.

In our Beverly Hills clinic we evaluate mercury toxicity and other heavy metal levels to check if these may be a contributing factor of hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, cerebrovascular accident, or other vascular disease.

If you are suffering with hypertension it is of vital importance to order a heavy metal blood test. See image below… 



If your test results show high heavy metals, you must locate a doctor trained in gentle detoxification otherwise you may experience too strong of a detoxification.

Dr. Aristotle will tailor a plan specific for you to help you rid your body of heavy metals in Beverly Hills. So contact us today to schedule your appointment!



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Toxins & Autoimmune Research Update.
Beverly Hills, California

Persistent Pesticide Exposure & Increased Risk for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons and disabling voluntary control of muscles. 90-95 percent of cases have unknown etiology. Environmental exposures have been suspected to be a potential cause.

By comparing the environmental toxin exposure of 101 ALS patients to 110 comparable healthy control individuals, researchers from the University of Michigan demonstrated that people with persistent exposure to environmental pollutants such as organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and brominated flame retardants are at 2-3 times greater odds of having ALS than those who are not exposed.

As animals can accumulate and concentrate these toxins in their bodies with contaminated food and water intake, meat and dairy products can serve as major sources of these toxins. At our Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, Dr. Aristotle will personalize a plan to help your body rid these toxins safely and effectively.

Dr. Aristotle’s Comment:
We’ve discussed environmental exposures and the crucial need for proper elimination of toxins from the body. The long term effects on our health and ability to heal from disease are now being noticed in the literature. Before starting any detoxification program be sure to strengthen the biochemistry of your body.

I highly recommend the Cardio-Ion laboratory tests to determine what strengths and weaknesses currently exist in your body.  Be proactive in your healing while staying on target with your nutrition in our Beverly Hills office.

Source: Su FC, Goutman SA, Chernyak S, et al. The Role of Environmental Toxins in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Risk. JAMA Neurol. 2016. DOI: 10.1001/jamaneurol.2016.0594.


Dr. Aristotle Economou L.Ac.(Az),D.C.,FIAMA
Author of Change The Way You Heal 

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