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Neck Pain In Beverly Hills

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Neck pain in Beverly Hills

Neck pain in Beverly Hills

If you have neck pain, you don’t need us to tell you that it can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, chronic use of pain medication can result in other health problems.

When you have neck pain in Beverly Hills, have you considered integrating a  holistic approach with current western medicine?

The reality is that every part of your body is interconnected with every other part, and that your emotions and attitude also play a larger role in your well-being. For neck pain in Beverly Hills, call us and schedule an appointment for an examination with Dr. Aristotle Economou. It is vital to not just focus on the pain you’re experiencing in that one isolated section of your vast body, but to dig more deeply down to the root causes. As a result, neck pain relief can be derived more effectively and for a longer period of time, due to the fact that the underlying reasons are being addressed, not just the manifestations that they lead to.

Certainly, you can expect a physical examination by Dr. Aristotle Economou, for this is a vital component of proper care for neck pain in Beverly Hills. In addition, a full medical history will taken. You will be asked about things like your work situation, stress, environmental factors, relevant injuries, and any other information that may be deemed helpful to the diagnosis and treatment of what you’re feeling in your neck. Treatment options can include a vast array of possibilities, including combinations of methods like medication, both traditional and complementary; and direct physical treatment, encompassing a variety of options.

It is key to holistic medicine to treat the patient, not the disease. So if you’ve found yourself less than satisfied with the outcomes you’ve gotten for your neck pain in Beverly Hills going through other channels, let Dr. Aristotle Economou give you the benefits that come from thinking outside the box.

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I “Pop” My Own Neck, Is This Ok? – “Self Adjusting”

Pop My Own NeckMany people turn or twist their own heads to “pop” or “click” their own necks; sometimes because it feels good, sometimes for the “sound” effect or just out of habit.

“Did you know there are now soft tissue techniques called Tui Na?  No twisting, no turning, “cracking” or “popping” of joints; instead, you receive gentle, specific corrections to your spine and structural system.  Most are done with you standing or sitting.

The need to click one’s own neck is potentially a sign of an underlying problem.  Often the feeling to “self-adjust” is due to too much stress on the joints in the spine.  As a result the joints eventually become restricted and uncomfortable.  If this “self treatment” continues, an irritated nerve with pain may result!

When you twist and “pop” your own neck you are mostly ‘clicking’ either the wrong joint above or below the restricted one that needs to move properly.  Remember there are new ways to adjust the spine…

Old Healing = Joint Popping

New Healing = Soft Tissue Tapping


Why A Professional?

The proper procedure is to adjust the right joint in the right way (see image below).  This relieves the restricted joint and frees up irritated nerves.  In fact, the new healing style of adjustments does not involve the popping or cracking sounds anymore.  The new technique is of a soft tissue approach which the patient feels only a comfortable tapping sensation.

Is There A Problem Popping My Own Neck?

The danger of doing it yourself is you’re not specific to the correct joint that needs to be adjusted with the right amount of pressure.  This is guessing and will cause damage either immediate or over time.

When a joint is restricted or not moving properly, the joints above and below work harder to compensate for the lack of movement in the stiff joint.  So these joints are moving too much already and when you self adjust you are forcing them to move even further (see below).

Pop My Own Neck


This can, over time, cause stretching of the ligaments that support the spine and lead to instability and future problems.

Take a look at the spinal chart below.  What part of your spine are you trying to adjust?  What body parts are you affecting through your spinal nerves?



So What Should I Do If I Always Pop My Own Neck?

From what we’ve mentioned so far, you potentially have an underlying problem and are causing damage to the ligaments of your spine.  The first step is to take a look at your posture to prevent unnecessary stress on your neck and shoulders.

The next step is to assess the movement and function of the joints of your spine.  A doctor specializing in this area will recommend stretches, postural advice, and, if necessary, a course of targeted adjustments to restore the correct movement to your spine.


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