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Beverly Hills Pain Relief

Holistic doctor in Beverly Hills

The offices of Dr. Aristotle Economou specialize in pain management, holistic therapies and back pain relief. For those seeking books essay writing, call Dr. Economou to learn how to have more energy, feel pain free and to feel less tired due to ailments such as inflammation, pain,

migraines and more. We treat autoimmune deficiencies and provide natural health care and nutrition along with imbalances of the neurological and immune system. Dr. Economou uses a blend of Eastern & Western healing techniques to achieve results in a holistic and less invasive way than traditional techniques.

Before starting a treatment plan, we first identify the problem so that we can uncover the weakness and pinpoint where it is starting. We then design a personalized treatment program for Beverly Hills pain relief that allows us to discover your strengths as an individual and any hidden weaknesses that you may be suffering from. This treatment plan is customized to your individual needs and is established as a real and workable plan. The three dimensions, biochemistry, energetic and structural, allow us to tailor your plan based on findings developed from studying these three areas of your body. The biochemistry dimension starts with a detailed lab analysis and interpretation of blood and urine tests.

The energetic dimension is a thorough analysis that allows us to examine the body’s energy flow with Meridian Imaging techniques in order to influence the body’s healing potential. The structural dimension is controlled by the nervous system and has to do with spinal health, using chiropractic therapy as a healing art. To learn more about these and other types of books essay writing methods, call the offices of Dr. Economou today. Our programs are specifically designed to pinpoint the needs of your body in order to support the body’s inner healing abilities and get you on the path to wellness once again.

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