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Beverly Hills Holistic Doctor

Holistic Care in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Holistic Doctor

Beverly Hills Holistic Doctor

Are you looking for a doctor who will use holistic health services to treat your individual health problem? If so, you will want to come visit our practice, Aristotle Economou, where you will be able to receive treatments from our holistic doctor, Dr. Aristotle Economou L.Ac.(Az),D.C.,FIAMA. Dr. Economou started his wellness practice over 25 years ago. He is a Diplomat and faculty member of The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Economou is also a well-known author and speaker on the subject of holistic health. When you are looking for a Beverly Hills holistic doctor we know you will be very happy with the treatment and care you will receive when you come to visit us at our holistic health care practice.

Dr. Economou practices both chiropractic and Asian healing techniques. At our practice, we work to treat a wide range of health problems by combining the very best aspects of Euro-Asian treatments with modern Western protocols. We understand the wellness of a person depends on the “3T’s,” thoughts (stress), traumas, and toxins, all which enter the body. Some of the elements that we use in our wellness care include: traditional Asian healing techniques; chiropractic techniques; functional healthcare; environmental toxicity; bioenergetics; acupuncture research; homeopathy; Western biochemistry blood analysis; laboratory diagnostics; and Tui Na. Our Beverly Hills holistic doctor will use a combination of these procedures to provide the very best holistic treatment care for you.

Patients come to see us with a wide variety of problems. Among the common conditions that we treat at our practice are: headaches, including migraines; inflammation; joint, neck, or back pain; natural healthcare, including nutrition; neurological and immune system imbalances; spinal problems; severe fatigue; stress related issues; and visceral or organic complaints.

When patients go through our programs they will discover their strengths and uncover their hidden weaknesses. We will create a strategy for each patient to help monitor their progress and help them overcome challenges to support the healing phase of care. We will also, for each patient, establish a realistic plan to provided customized treatment of your specific health problem. We will also set the plan in motion so that you can begin to live a more healthy life immediately. For an appointment to see our Beverly Hills holistic doctor contact us today.


Dr. Aristotle Economou L.Ac.(Az),D.C.,Dipl.Ac.(IAMA)
Author of “Change The Way You Heal

The Aristotle Center For Functional Health & Wellness
Wilshire Medical Building
8929 Wilshire Blvd Suite 302
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills CA 90211