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Beverly Hills Autoimmune Doctor

Autoimmune disorders in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor

Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor

If you are suffering with an autoimmune disorder, you should visit us at Aristotle Economou. Our http://fibroactions.fr/, Dr. Aristotle Economou, opened our wellness practice over 25 years ago to help patients who are suffering with specific health problems including autoimmune disorders.

Many patients who suffer with autoimmune disorders find that they can be helped by our Beverly Hills autoimmune doctor. When a patient has an autoimmune disease, they have a disease which attacks the body in different ways. Some of the most common autoimmune diseases include Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and different types of thyroid disease. Each of these diseases will affect a different system of the body and cause the patient to have many specific symptoms and problems. Living with an order of immune disease can seems sometimes overwhelming because there can be so many different aspects of it which affect her everyday life. For example, with thyroid disease, normal hormonal regulation is disrupted and so the entire endocrine system is affected. This can cause many problems in your body which need to be addressed. Rheumatoid arthritis is another autoimmune disease which can have a painful and a crippling effect on patients. One of the important ways to address your immune disease is to reduce the stress levels in your life. Both meditation and yoga have been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones and result in less inflammation throughout the body. At our center, we help our patients regain their health and energy. Some of the many medical problems that we help at our center include: headaches; migraines; inflammation; back pain; autoimmune problems; neurological and immune system imbalances; spinal problems; severe fatigue; problems from heavy metal toxicity; and many other problems as well.

For an appointment to meet with our http://fibroactions.fr/ and learn what can be done to help your particular health situation, simply contact us today.

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