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Beverly Hills Holistic Doctor

Holistic doctor in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills holistic doctor

Beverly Hills holistic doctor

Are you sick of dealing with chronic aches and pains all around your body? Sounds like it’s time to give us a call at Aristotle Economou, where you can be paired with a Beverly Hills holistic doctor with the knowledge and compassion to offer you the relief you need to move past your pain and on with your life!

At Aristotle Economou, our practice of caring and gentle specialists is proud to offer a blend of Eastern and Western medicine to our fellow members of the Beverly Hills community and beyond. We believe that the opportune combination of the world’s medical knowledge can help patients of all ages regain health, energy, and a zest for life that chronic pain and fatigue can tragically take from us over time. We’re happy to offer a variety of treatments that mitigate headaches and migraines, inflammation, joint, neck or back pain, autoimmune challenges, neurological and immune system imbalances, obvious spinal problems, problems due to heavy metal toxicity, severe fatigue, stress-related issues, and visceral or organic complaints. We also offer natural health care and nutrition advice for optimizing health. These vast health and general life improvements can be made through receiving our many services, which include Eastern healing modalities, mind body techniques, herbal formulas, functional health, heavy metal detoxification, bio-energetics, nutritional programs, Tui Na and chiropractic treatments, homeopathy, Western biochemistry blood analysis, meridian imaging, and laboratory diagnostics. Want to hear more about what your local Beverly Hills holistic doctor can do for you? Don’t hesitate; call our office today to learn more about which of your complaints can be served by our far-reaching medical philosophies, doctrines, treatments, and ideas. You may just find that your problem can’t be mitigated by one simple pill, but instead a more gradual but effective lifestyle and perspective change. We can help with that!

Call our office at Aristotle Economou to speak to a Beverly Hills holistic doctor today!

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